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The Cuebiq Audience Builder allows you to forecast and create segments based on real-world consumer behaviors and visitation trends that fit your campaign goals.

As you plan for recovery, this tool allows you to plan your media spend to align with increased consumer confidence and offline mobility.  

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Our main priority at Cuebiq has always been to support your business needs, especially during difficult times such as this — sign up to check out our Audience Builder so you can better plan for recovery.

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Define Your Ideal Customer Profile

Building custom audience segments allows you to hone in on the ideal audience for your brand and message

Refine Your Audience Targeting

Layering in multiple audience attributes is a great way to refine your marketing and only spend on those who are most likely to purchase

Activate Custom Audience Segments

Once you have created your custom audience, activation is turnkey with automated delivery to LiveRamp or the DSP of your choice