Sensitive Points of Interest Policy

At Cuebiq (“we”) (“our”) (“us”), we’ve embraced privacy as a core value from day one. It’s been integral to our approach to data collection and processing. With this in mind, we want to further extend the protection of consumers with respect to the places they visit and the segments we may include them in to best meet our customers’ needs. Precise location data is inherently sensitive due to the wealth of information it may provide about consumers’ habits, interests, and day-to-day journey. From this information, it is possible to draw assumptions and inferences about places and topics that we believe are too sensitive to justify in any instance as a privacy-first company. 

The following Sensitive Points of Interest (POI) & Categories cover categories that are legally or culturally sensitive and that Cuebiq will not allow to be used for targeting or attribution. This is not an exhaustive list. Additional restrictions or exceptions may apply depending upon circumstances or jurisdiction. You are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Health-Related: Any location related to health services is not permitted to be targeted. Disease-specific locations or locations associated with ailments that would be considered highly sensitive or embarrassing are not permitted to be targeted or measured for attribution.

Locations With Vulnerable Populations: Any location that carries a high risk of exploitation is not permitted for targeting or attribution. This includes shelters from violent situations as well as locations inhabited by the elderly, the financially impoverished, and certain ethnic groups.

Sensitive Lawful Businesses: Businesses that operate at the edge of legality and in some cases over it with respect to disagreements between Federal and State law are not permitted for targeting, analytics, or attribution.

Military-Related: Locations that are predominantly occupied by those in the military and their families.

Locations With First Responders: Targeting  or measure attribution around locations related to first responders.

Correctional Facilities: Visitors and workers at a correctional facility are both in sensitive situations and will not be targeted or measured for attribution.

Locations With Firearms: Locations where firearms are sold or used outside of general sporting.

Churches / Religious Facilities: Any location of mass gathering for religious purposes.

Native American Reservation: Any activity located on a Native American reservation that is predominantly provided to Native Americans is not to be targeted or tracked for attribution.

Sexual Orientation: Sexual orientation remains a highly sensitive category as LGBTQ+ individuals still face discrimination in work and home life. Any location that is predominantly linked to LGBTQ+ individuals should not be used for targeting or attribution.

Adult-Oriented Entertainment: Any location that is associated predominantly with adult erotica services or products should not be used for targeting or attribution.

Social Demonstrations: A Gathering of individuals for the purpose of demonstration or other social protest activity. You will not attempt to measure mass gatherings, movement of mass gatherings, or possible impacts due to such possible gatherings.


Cuebiq reserves the right to modify Sensitive POIs and Categories at any time without prior notice. If you would like to receive email notifications when Cuebiq’s Sensitive Points of Interest Policy is updated, please fill out the *form below.

*Contact information shared will only be used for the sole purpose of providing email notifications when Cuebiq’s Sensitive Points of Interest Policy has been changed.