Cuebiq’s Partners

Cuebiq partners with other companies to both receive and share information. This list may change over time so please check back to review updates and remember you can always exercise your privacy choices either with our partners (follow the links for each partner below) or through Cuebiq as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Data Partners

Cuebiq may receive information from partners to enhance or add to our own products and services. In most cases, the data we receive is associated with a Mobile Ad ID as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Third Party Ad Platforms

Cuebiq processes the data we collect, directly or through our partners, in an attempt to devise areas of interest for users.  These segments may then be shared with partners to tailor advertising or content to users (see Segment Examples):

Data Feed Partners

Cuebiq may share data for purposes related to personalizing advertising, measuring its performance and build aggregated analytics with our partners. When you consent to share information with Cuebiq, you are also consenting to share with these partners.There are relationships where we provide a Mobile Ad ID with the data and other cases where only an obfuscated identifier is shared with the partner. Here we list those partners who regularly receive a Mobile Ad ID with location details outside of only Point of Interest (“POI”) visits ( like a store or a restaurant, for example):

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