How to Use Offline Audiences to Your Advantage

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If you work in marketing, you’re probably already segmenting and targeting your audience into groups that are relevant for your advertising efforts. However, you might not yet be targeting audiences based on their real-world behaviors — which can yield significant results in terms of helping you reach the audiences that will drive the most conversions. 

Why Are Location-Based Audiences Important?

Location-based audiences allow you to target consumers based on their offline behaviors. This is important because you need to understand who your audience is and how they behave in the real world. Knowing their interests and offline behaviors, such as which brands they’ve visited previously, can help you predict where they’re going to visit next, so you can target them accordingly. 

What’s more, once you launch a given campaign, you can measure which ad impressions influenced in-store visits — and identify the most valuable media channels and audience segments. This is a process known as offline measurement, which allows you to optimize your campaigns in real time based on store visits, so that you can reduce ad waste and shift your ad impressions toward the best-performing segments and media channels. Offline measurement is an essential complement to your audience targeting strategy, as it allows you to validate your efforts by proving ROI and leveraging real-time insights to increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Capitalizing on Offline Audiences

Now that you understand why offline audiences are important, you’re probably wondering how you can implement them to your advantage. Below are three key ways you can use location-based audiences to improve your marketing strategy.

Build Better Personas

With location data, you can enrich your customer profiles and build better personas. While you may already have psychographic and other attributes of your consumers, location data can add an extra layer to help you make those profiles more robust. Gaining a comprehensive view of your consumers’ online and offline behaviors can give you a complete view of their journey, which you can use to target them better. 

Conquer the Competition

In addition, offline audiences are key to helping you conquer the competition. Through location data, you can see which segments of your competitor consumers are the most vulnerable and likely to switch brands, and then target them for competitive conquesting

Measure Brand Loyalty to Prevent Churn

Understanding how loyal consumers are to your brand and keeping tabs on this metric is also critical. By looking at how loyal they are over time, you can monitor for any decreases in loyalty — aka visits to competitive brands — and target accordingly to prevent churn.

Real-World Audience Segments Available for Targeting

To help you take full advantage of the power of location data, Cuebiq offers a variety of location-based segments that are available for targeting: 

Geo-Behavioral Audiences

With geo-behavioral audiences, you can target consumers based on their offline behaviors and interests.

Examples: movie goers, QSR lovers, apparel shoppers

Branded Audiences

Through branded audiences, you can activate segments visiting specific brick-and-mortar store locations.

Examples: Starbucks lovers, Macy’s shoppers

Seasonal Audiences

With seasonal audiences, you can direct your ads to consumers around seasonal events and maximize your holiday campaigns.

Examples: Mother’s Day shoppers, Holiday Shoppers

Loyalty Audiences

Through loyalty audiences, you can target consumers that display loyal visitation patterns.

Examples: lunch QSR loyalists, weekend casual diners

Predictive Audiences

With predictive audiences, you can anticipate specific behaviors and target churning consumers.

Examples: pre-movers, Taco Bell churners, device switchers

B2B/Professional Audiences

With B2B/ professional audiences, you can target consumers based on their occupation.

Examples: on-demand workers, retail workers

Custom Audiences

Finally, you can build custom location-based segments that are tailored to your specific campaign needs. 

Examples: Starbucks lovers that go to the gym weekly

Interested in targeting one of these segments? Check out our Audiences page for more info.

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