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Cuebiq works with a variety of partners to help marketers better understand the offline consumer journey and activate those learnings to increase their return on ad spend. Learn more about our partners below.

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"We found that Cuebiq was a leader in transparency and has a very strong data collection methodology and governance/privacy approach, as well as a dedicated focus to weeding out bad signals that seem to prevail in location data sets."

Tom Riordan

Head of Advanced Measurement Group


"Integrating Cuebiq’s location intelligence and measurement into our CCO RADAR suite of solutions allows us to measure a range of KPIs and understand OOH’s ability to impact not just brand metrics like awareness, but also consumer behaviors like store visits, TV viewing, app downloads, web activity, product purchases and more."

Jeremy Flynn

Vice President of Data Products & Strategy

Clear Channel Outdoor

"At Targetspot, we are always seeking new ways to prove the value of digital audio in all its forms. As attribution technologies become smarter and more sophisticated, it became clear to us that Cuebiq was the right partner”

Dominick Milano

SVP of Sales and Business Development


“Our partnership with Cuebiq provides accurate install time measurement for marketers to better understand how their out-of-home media is performing.”

Charles Manning



"Given the ubiquity of mobile devices and how we leverage them all day and every day, the insights that Cuebiq brings to the table are invaluable. By leveraging insights derived from high-quality mobility data to enrich other user attributes, marketers can analyze the consumer journey across more channels than ever before."

Adam Paz

Vice President, East