3 Audience Activation Pro Tips for the Holiday Season

By Rus Ackner / 3 minutes

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Identifying your target audience during the holidays is a crucial step toward achieving your marketing goals. In order to take full advantage of the lucrative holiday season, you must always be one step ahead of the typical holiday shopper. 92% of all purchases happen in the offline world, so it’s up to your brand to connect with consumers and create campaigns that drive them to store.

In terms of types of shoppers, we’ve discussed a variety of audience segments you can target this holiday season, from loyal audiences, to recent audiences, to predictive audiences. Now, it’s time to activate those audiences strategically and effectively, and we have three recommendations to help you do so.

Based on our offline consumer insights and location-based targeting, we can help you leverage these tactics, and as a result, create custom solutions to fit your needs. Check out these audience activation tips from our Holiday Audience Targeting Guide to ensure you make your mark on consumers this holiday season.

Pro Tip #1: Advanced Customer Acquisition

Identify areas of growth for your brand by leveraging offline intelligence to identify consumer brand loyalty, visit frequency, and competitive insights for your audience targeting strategy.

How to leverage this tip for your brand: Don’t waste any more ad impressions on consumers that frequently visit competitive locations but do not visit your brand locations. Expand your targeting efforts to include audiences that exhibit brand-friendly behaviors. Create “look-a-like” segments based on your target consumers’ habits and preferences, to expand reach.

Example #1: Use Cuebiq Branded Audiences to Target Pharmacy Shoppers Who Do Not Visit Walgreens.

Example #2: Use Cuebiq Loyalty Audiences to Target Pharmacy Shoppers With Similar Offline Behaviors As Your Loyal Consumers. e.g. Target CVS Shoppers Who Also Visit Starbucks.

Example #3: Use Cuebiq Custom Audiences to Target “After Hour” Pharmacy Shoppers Who Visit Walgreens After 5pm.

Pro Tip #2: Grow From Within

A/B test new audience growth strategies against consumers who might not visit your brand but are active spenders within your industry vertical.

How to leverage this tip for your brand: Focus your media buys against consumers who frequently visit brands and/or locations that fit your brand category. By using “day-parting,” you can create segments based on time of visit and understand when the most popular time of day is for consumers to visit brand locations.

Example #1: Use Cuebiq Geo-Behavioral Audiences to Target Big Box Shoppers Who Visit Brands That Match Your Category.

Example #2: Use Cuebiq Custom Audiences to Target “After Hour” Apparel Shoppers Who Visit Your Brand After 5pm.

Pro Tip #3: Conquer The Competition

Leverage your competitor’s media buying strategies to actively target consumers who’ve visited competitive locations and converted.

How to leverage this tip for your brand: Target consumers who actively and frequently visit competitive brand locations. Connect to consumers via predictive audience modeling and align your ad impressions against consumers on the verge of switching brand loyalties and/or devices.

Example #1: Use Cuebiq Branded Audiences to Target CVS Shoppers For Walgreens.

Example #2: Use Cuebiq Predictive Audiences to Reach Consumers Who Used to Visit CVS Twice Per Month But Over the Last Few Months Have Shown Infrequent Visits and Have Begun to Visit Walgreens

For more tips on activating holiday audiences, be sure to check out our Holiday Audience Targeting Guide.

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