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There is no doubt that TV advertising is a massive market—spending on traditional and connected TV (CTV) will reach $93.33 billion by 2025, from $79.31 billion in 2021. However, over the past few years, a lot has changed. According to Kim Kelleher, president of commercial revenue and partnerships at AMC Networks, “This is the first year, going into Q4, where the definition of television has truly expanded [to span] linear, digital and streaming.” Linear TV viewership is on the decline, and by 2023, eMarketer predicts that US adults will spend an average of 2:51 hours per day with traditional TV, down from 3:27 hours per day in 2019. During the same period, time spent on digital will increase from 1:51 hours in 2019 to 2:51 hours in 2023.

Background on Targeting with TV

The pandemic accelerated both viewership and advertising on streaming services. On top of that, CTV has made advertising more accountable and potentially more effective. Why? Well, when you buy advertising on linear TV, targeting is broad and depends on the network, shows, and timing. With CTV, targeting is more niche because the service providers have access to user info and location data. This means ad inventory has the potential to be more efficient because buyers can direct their ads to more finely targeted audiences and track their campaigns through the entire customer experience and journey.

Cuebiq’s TV Audience Segments in LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace

Where a consumer spends time tells us a lot about their world and their interests. And now, through our new modeling capability, you can leverage Cuebiq’s best-in-class offline insights across new channels for greater audience reach. In order to support advertisers expanding into TV, Cuebiq has packaged its fifty top-performing audience segments, and using modeling, expanded those segments to reach TV devices, resulting in more scale on Linear and CTV.  This step allows for more precise targeting in CTV by deploying mobility data, and all the rich behavioral insights that comes with it, to target households actually consuming CTV.

Amplified by our partnership with LiveRamp, Cuebiq TV segments combine best-in-class mobility data and consumer shopping patterns with U.S. household identifiers and verified CTV viewership. By enhancing our location data with household and viewership data, we produced new segments available in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. Advertisers can access these CTV audiences in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. 

Looking to the Future

US marketing professionals consider CTV “more effective than linear TV at driving advertising ROI and managing frequency.” The unique capabilities of CTV have changed the way marketers are approaching TV advertising, and for brands looking to run successful media campaigns across advanced television this holiday season, the Cuebiq CTV segments are the perfect fit.  They offer both precise mobility data and scale to reach large audiences. They can be found in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace Segment Name: CuebiqTV>Segment Name.  For further information about these segments, chat with an expert.

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